Welcome to the city of Pleasant Valley

In his seminal work “Now and Long Ago: A History of the Marion County Area.”, Glen R. Lough included a short quote written long ago by the Reverand I. A. Barnes.

“About one mile from the Fairmont City limits, along the Morgantown and Bridgeport pike, is one of Marion County’s beauty spots!” Pleasant Valley was further described by a County Assessor as “The most beautiful and prosperous Community in this county”

It still stands true today, and we welcome you to explore us!

The City Council's regular monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 with a work session starting at 5:30 pm, and the council meeting starting a 7:00 pm. These meetings are held at the municipal building and, as always, the public is invited to attend. ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you Country Roads Moving!Country Roads Moving coordinated a roadside litter pick-up yesterday in an effort to not only make WV shine but to also promote environmental stewardship in a local community in Marion County! 🌱

What can YOU do about litter?
• The first solution to littering is to always make sure you properly dispose of your garbage.
• Recycle all that can be recycled and put all other garbage in the proper containers.
• If you see a friend throwing something on the ground, ask them nicely to put in the trash receptacle instead of on the ground.
• If you see a piece of litter, pick it up and throw it away. But remember, never to touch anything that your not sure of-it may be sharp or be a hazardous material.

Let *Country Roads* take us home in the cleanest and greenest of ways! Let’s keep our communities in WV beautiful and please don’t litter! 🗑 ♻️
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The City of Pleasant Valley and the State of WV will be dedicating the Kingmont Veterans Bridge today to two veterans who lost their lives: U. S. Army PVT World War II Jarrett Springer, and U. S. Marine Corps PFC-Vietnam Benjamin "Benny" Hamrick. The event starts at 1:00 p.m. at the municipal building in Kingmont. The public is welcomed to attend. ... See MoreSee Less

Three Rivers festival ... See MoreSee Less

The city has received a call from a resident in Kingmont who is currently on Hospice. She needs to get her grass cut, and cannot afford to pay someone to cut it. Does anyone know someone who could do this for her free of charge? If so, please call Pam at the City (304-363-2400) and I'll put you in touch. Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less