Welcome to the city of Pleasant Valley

In his seminal work “Now and Long Ago: A History of the Marion County Area.”, Glen R. Lough included a short quote written long ago by the Reverand I. A. Barnes.

“About one mile from the Fairmont City limits, along the Morgantown and Bridgeport pike, is one of Marion County’s beauty spots!” Pleasant Valley was further described by a County Assessor as “The most beautiful and prosperous Community in this county”

It still stands true today, and we welcome you to explore us!

East Fairmont High School Busy Bee Band & Honeybees

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We sadly announce the cancellation of Follies 2020, our Spring Citrus Fruit Sale and our Spring trip. Please see attached letter or visit busybeeband.com for further information.
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If students don't have access to internet call 844-488-8398 during the school shutdown for free internet from Spectrum. ... See MoreSee Less

The City Council met briefly last night to do mandatory business. The 2020-2021 Budget was approved and will be printed in the paper twice in the coming weeks. Drawing for ballot position was completed by the city attorney for the wards with more than one person running. Results were:

Mayor's office - 1. Barbara Metcalfe 2. Emily Haddix;
Benton's Ferry/Kingmont 2 year term - 1. Ed Aberegg 2. Dixie Sorenson 3. Karen Carpenter.

The other candidates include: Chuck Ledsome for the Benton's Ferry 4 year term, running unopposed; Erin Henderson for the Kingmont 4 year term (Dylan Yanero is a write-in for this seat, but will not be listed on the ballot), Gary Timms for the Pleasant Valley/Millersville 2 year term, running unopposed.

Other business included a donation from the city to Sheriff Riffle, who explained the funds would be used to purchase radar guns to be used in Pleasant Valley (YEAH!!). The Sheriff's Office were also trying to keep a regular presence at the schools to assist with traffic.

The City Clerk explained City Hall is closed to the public EFFECTIVE immediately until April 20. You can always call 304-363-2400 during business hours. A drop box is being installed for public use.

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